What is Pennies?

Pennies is the digital upgrade of the traditional charity box, designed to fit with our increasingly cashless lifestyles. It gives people the opportunity to donate a few pence to charity when paying by card with the single press of a button or click of a mouse.

Everwhere Pennies has been introduced people have donated, whether in retail, hospitality of the service sector. The option to give appears automatically in the payment process, on the Chip & PIN machine in-store or just before payment online or via a smart device.

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Who is using Pennies?

Several payment technology providers already offer Pennies, making it easy for many retailers to enable, whether online, in-store or as part of an app. Retailers offering Pennies include Domino’s Pizza, Travelodge, Monarch Airlines, Zizzi, The Entertainer, David Lloyd Leisure, Evans Cycles, Shop’N Drive, Screwfix and ASK Italian.

Charities that have benefited so far include Age UK, CLIC Sargent, Home-Start UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, RNIB, Walking With The Wounded and many more.

Which terminals can be used?

All current Ingenico terminals.

Does Pennies affect till times?

Partners have reported that Pennies has no effect on till times in-store, even at peak times, nor does Pennies impact funnel performance online. When customers insert their card into the Chip & PIN machine in-store, the option to donate is presented with a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision for the customer. If neither button is pressed, the option times out after a period of time set by the company.

What is the cost?

Costs incurred by businesses to date have been modest whether Pennies is online or in-store in both standalone and integrated payment environments.

How long will it take to enable Pennies?

This is dependent on the channel and payment technology. This can be quickly qualified through the completion of a short questionnaire.

Is there a minimum amount required?

The minimum amount that needs to be raised each year via Pennies is £10,000, but this can be across all channels e.g. in-store and online. As an example, a chain or circa 10 restaurants is likely to meet this.

Why do companies like Pennies?

  • It’s easy to join in and maintain
  • It’s flexible
  • It’s popular
  • It’s inclusive and private
  • It’s cost effective
  • Minimal staff involvement
  • Ongoing support