Merchant Cash Advance from Merchant Funding

Merchant Cash Advance from Merchant Funding

Merchant Funding is a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) product established by Chip & PIN Solutions Ltd – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of business payment solutions which include card machines, EPOS systems and card processing services. At Merchant Funding, our mission statement is to focus on and to aid any business in need of additional capital and financial support.  We strive to offer a great range of alternative funding and Merchant Cash Advance options to businesses of any size.

Our alternative lending options can be tailored to suit any business requirements. We are here to help your business start-up or even get you back on track.  Whether it is stock, equipment, additional cash flow or even an office renovation you need, a Merchant Cash Advance will go the extra-mile to ensure you receive the perfect cash advance solution as well as outstanding customer service.

The benefits of our Merchant Cash Advance

  • Quick & Easy Setup
    No credit checks or credit footprints and minimal paperwork thus ensuring that the application process is smooth and simple.
  • No Security Required
    Merchant Funding differs in a very unique way from standard business financing – we do not require any assets to secure your cash advance.
  • Auto Approval
    We can offer an auto-approved Merchant Cash Advance of up to £15,000 for businesses trading for 3 years or more.
  • Super-Fast Application
    Our application process is simple and extremely fast – Funds can be deposited straight into your bank account within as little as 10 working days.

The pillars of our business funding solutions are: Based on Card/PDQ Turnover and Unsecured Finance.

Loan Based on Card Turnover

This Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) solution is based on your average card transactions over the past 6 months of trading. You could receive a maximum advance of £500,000 within 1 week of acceptance. In order to qualify for this finance option, your business must be accepting a minimum of £2,500 in debit or credit card transactions per month (or 125% of average monthly PDQ income).

Unsecured Finance option

Merchant Funding can supply your business with a fast (same day funding) and unsecured Merchant Cash Advance. This MCA is available in these options: Up to £50,000 and Up to £250,000. Lending on these cash advances are based on strength of personal guarantee as well as against total business turnover and profitability. Applicants must be homeowners and we would be happy to accept companies with a history of Insolvency therefore any problems you may have previously had in regards to receiving a cash advance for your business may now become a thing of the past thanks to Merchant Funding.

All of our Merchant Cash Advance applications are performed on a case by case basis and could provide your business with much needed support and security. Request a quote or speak to a member of our friendly UK-based customer care team today FREE on 0808 301 7438 to see how your business could benefit from any of the great Merchant Cash Advance solutions that we have to offer.