Mobile Card Terminals

Mobile Card Terminals allow businesses to start accepting card payments anywhere. Acting just like a mobile telephone, the mobile chip and pin card terminal has a Roaming SIM card that allows connection to either GPRS or GSM. This functionality means the card terminal can be taken with you whilst conducting business and payment from the customer is made on completion of the job or sale.

The mobile card terminal ensures a continued cash flow without lengthy delays in obtaining payment of invoices or visits to the bank to pay in cash. Funds are transferred to your bank account within 3 working days as opposed to cheques that take 5 days to clear in your bank account.

Our mobile chip and pin card terminals are compatible with all merchant accounts or we can set up the card processing for you free of charge.

Our Ingenico mobile card terminal is the most up to date and technologically advanced in the industry ensuring connectivity is maintained, even in the remotest of locations.

Card payment security is also of paramount importance. Our mobile card payment terminals are fully PCI compliant giving you and your customers piece of mind when it comes to acceting mobile payments.

Research shows that by accepting mobile card terminal payments turnover of a business can increase significantly as consumers are more likely to make impulse purchases and spend more in general as the option to pay by card exists.

Our mobile card terminals have the option of accepting contactless payments which allows payments to be made to the value of £30 with a simple wave of the customers card over the mobile card terminal.

For more information on mobile card terminals or to discuss your requirements, please call us FREE on 0800 881 8104 or Click Here to apply online.

Mobile Card Machine Benefits

  • Accept Mobile Card Payments Anywhere
  • Contactless Enabled
  • Roaming Connectivity
  • Full Support As Standard
  • Reliable & Fast Transactions
  • FREE Delivery
  • Ideal For Mobile Traders

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