7 January 2015

Chip & PIN Solutions Launches Merchant Fund – Fast & Easy Working Capital to Help Businesses Grow

Chip & PIN Solutions launches Merchant Fund, a new type of business funding providing SMEs with immediate access to cash to help their businesses grow. Traditionally UK businesses have been very over reliant on lending from banks, providing nearly 80 per cent of all SME credit in early 2014. Loan and overdraft borrowing by SMEs […]

18 December 2014

Press Release: Mark Prisk, Conservative MP Supports Chip & PIN Solutions’ 10 Year Anniversary

Mark Prisk, Conservative MP and former Business Minister, supports Chip & PIN Solutions’ decade of success in the payments industry. Mark Prisk, Conservative MP for East Herts and 2010 appointed Business Minister, has visited the UK’s leading provider of card payments, Chip & PIN Solutions, to congratulate them on their 10 Year anniversary at their […]

27 November 2014

Chip & PIN Solutions Seven Top Card Processing Myths

Chip & PIN Solutions seven top card processing myths Investing in credit & debit card processing will empower your business to reach out to a wider target market. And with 2.2billion purchases made using a credit or charge card in the UK during 2013, your organisation will be losing ground on its competitors should you […]

18 November 2014

Contactless Card Terminal Sales Increase By 176%

Contactless card machine sales rose by 176% for the period January – September 2014 compared with the same period last year reported Chip & PIN Solutions which shows how merchants are embracing the new technology. This comes on the back of Worldpay confirming contactless transactions have increased by over 150% in the past 6 months […]

4 November 2014

The 10 Year Journey of Chip & PIN Solutions

We have prepared this short video highlighting the growth and success of Chip & PIN Solutions over the last decade.  We hope you enjoy seeing how far the company has progressed and our aspirations for the future.

28 October 2014

Celebrating Chip & PIN’s 10th Anniversary

As part of Chip & PIN Solution’s 10th anniversary celebrations, we’re delighted to host a special ceremony to celebrate our landmark year! To mark our decade at the forefront of the card processing industry, we’re bringing together a number of long standing customers, suppliers and key business partners to celebrate with us. Hosted at our […]

24 October 2014

Chip & Pin Solutions Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

Hertfordshire-based business Chip & PIN Solutions celebrates its 10 year anniversary today. Over the past decade, the company, based in Raynham Road in Bishop’s Stortford, has established itself as one of the UK’s leading providers of point of sale payment solutions and merchant services. Founded by David Maisey in 2004, Chip & PIN Solutions is […]

16 October 2014

Could your business do away with invoicing?

For many sole traders and SMEs, the process of invoicing can feel like a necessary evil. From plumbers and carpenters, to hairdressers and mobile businesses, issuing, waiting and in many cases reminding businesses to pay their invoice represents part and parcel of everyday life. But does this have to be the case? With card processing […]

16 July 2014

Britain’s small businesses losing £800 million a year by not accepting card payments.

Having the ability to take card payments is an essential need for any business competing in today’s economic times.  According to the UK’s Card Association Plastic Card 2013 report, debit and credit cards will continue to play a central role in society and the economy. The value of card payments is forecasted to nearly double […]

18 February 2014

How to reduce card processing costs by up to 50% without sacrificing service and support.

Card processing is becoming an increasingly competitive arena with new pop up resellers appearing all over the country. What many businesses need to be aware of is that there are only a handful of Merchant Banks out there processing payments so transaction rates aren’t hugely different from one merchant account provider to another. Where the […]