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Android Pay is Coming! Are You Ready For It?

What is Android Pay? Android Pay is the android markets answer to a digital wallet service. Hot on the heels of Apple Pay, Google’s second attempt at a mobile payment service (the first being Google Wallet) is sure to take contactless transactions to the next level. Due for its UK release within the next few […]

Merchant Funding’s NEW Collaboration With Alternative Business Funding

Merchant Funding is pleased to announce that we are now working in collaboration with Alternative Business Funding. Alternative Business Funding is an online portal designed to offer SMEs a free and easy way to find a suitable funding company. The portal offers a variety of funding choices to SMEs from short to long-term loans, equity […]

Stortford Card Company Introduces Alternative Cash Advance System For SMEs

Bishop’s Stortford’s pioneering card payment company is continuing to expand its services with the introduction of Merchant Funding. Chip & PIN Solutions, of the Raynham Road Industrial Estate, believes its new cash advance system is a more convenient alternative to the traditional borrowing offered by banks. Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Merchant Funding enables companies to […]

Herts & Essex Observer Article – The Future of Chip & PIN Solutions

Bishop’s Stortford company Chip & PIN Solutions was established in 2004. Twelve years on, it has a head office workforce of 40, a sales force of almost double that and provides tens of thousands of card terminals to businesses nationwide. The card payment services provider deals in everything from mobile card machines and portable Bluetooth card […]

Surge of SMEs in the Beauty & Cosmetology industry needing to accept card payments

Over the last 12 months or so, Chip & PIN Solutions has witnessed a surge of businesses in the beauty industry needing to accept card payments. Britain’s beauty industry is booming, and it comes as no surprise that beauticians need to offer their customers the option to pay on card, especially with an average transaction […]

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