Accept Card Payments

Card payments have recently overtaken cash in the UK as the main source of payments. This is all the more reason to start accepting card payments in your business.

We work with all types of businesses, from Market Traders and Independent Stores, to Michelin Star restaurants and Blue Chip Corporate companies. No matter what your product offering, we can help your business accept credit card payments. We can also provide this to you in the most cost effective way possible. Our innovative range of card machines allow us to find a solution that best suits your business.

How to start accepting card payments

Step One:

Set up a Merchant Account. Merchant accounts process customers’ card payments and transfer the money direct to your business bank account. We set this account up for you free of charge. You can find out more about merchant card processing HERE.

Step Two:

Choose a card machine to suit your business requirements. You can see a quick break down of the types of card machine we offer below. Our team can offer advice on the best solution when you make an enquiry.

You can see our range of card machines HERE. All our machines come with a warranty. Support is provided by our in-house technical team should you encounter any problems.

For a rundown on how your business can start accepting card payments, check out our article about accepting contactless card payments.


ICT250 mobile card terminal allows you to accept card payments while on the move

Mobile Card Machines

Mobile card machines are perfect for any business that does not have a fixed trading address.  Our mobile card terminals benefit from a unique dual GPRS & GSM SIM connection, this means signal can be obtained anywhere at any time within the UK.

ICT250-bluetooth Chip & Pin Card machine

Wi-Fi & Portable

Portable card machines are used in restaurants, bars and cafés, providing a pay-at-table solution.  Our portable Chip and PIN terminals can be taken to the customer at any location connecting using either Wi-Fi or ethernet cable and bluetooth.

ICT250-countertop card terminal allows you to accept card payments from a fixed place

Countertop Card Machine

Countertop card terminals are a fixed card machine which are suitable for retailers, fast food outlets, supermarkets, shops or petrol stations. The fixed line Countertop card machine connects directly to either a telephone line or internet connection.


Advantages of accepting card payments include:

  • Increased profit margins – 73% of all retail spending on the high street is made using cards*. A failure to accept card payments could be harming your bottom line. With the help of Chip & PIN solutions, you can make sure your business isn’t missing out on this vital point of sale.
  • A higher level of legitimacy – Credit card payments are now one of the most widely used methods of transactions. As well as offering a flexible payment method, card terminals offer a sense of authenticity and help you to build trust with customers.
  • Quick and simple payment – Adding credit card payments allows you to offer customers a speed of purchase and simplicity that’s vital to success in today’s consumer environment.

*The UK Card Association, 2013

Discover an easier way of accepting card payments

Card machines or card terminals, can be hired over the course of a set period of time or purchased outright.

Our expert Customer Development Managers can work closely with you to recommend and develop the best solution for the needs of your business.

Once the application process is complete, we will send you your new card machine which is ready to accept card payments. We pre-configure the card terminal before dispatch. This means you just have to turn the machine on.

When accepting card payments, the funds will be available in full, in your business bank account in 1-3 working days; ensuring your cash flow is maintained.

There is no on-going management required with the card machine, allowing you to spend more time running your business.

NMTF Members

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