Monthly Archives: October 2014

Celebrating Chip & PIN’s 10th Anniversary

As part of Chip & PIN Solution’s 10th anniversary celebrations, we’re delighted to host a special ceremony to celebrate our landmark year! To mark our decade at the forefront of the card processing industry, we’re bringing together a number of long standing customers, suppliers and key business partners to celebrate with us. Hosted at our […]

Could your business do away with invoicing?

For many sole traders and SMEs, the process of invoicing can feel like a necessary evil. From plumbers and carpenters, to hairdressers and mobile businesses, issuing, waiting and in many cases reminding businesses to pay their invoice represents part and parcel of everyday life. But does this have to be the case? With card processing […]

Five ways card processing can help sole traders improve their business

Today’s post-recession economy has made business hard work for many sole traders. Although consumer confidence is continuing to rise, so is competition – and in a packed market, getting ahead of your rivals can feel tough. But with innovation being one of the sole trader’s most traditional values, thinking outside the box remains one of […]