Monthly Archives: March 2018

Contactless is now 10 years old. Where will it be in another 10?

Since the release of the first ever contactless card back in 2007, the technology has become exceedingly popular among consumers and businesses in the UK, due to all the benefits contactless payments offer. Today, we’re a country where no one can imagine living without contactless. No retail tech sits still forever though. Here’s a brief […]

With World Consumer Rights Day on the horizon, how can your business ensure great customer service?

With World Consumer Rights Day coming up soon on 15th March, it’s time to think about how to make your customers feel happy and enjoy their experience in your place of business. So it’s all about customer service – that all-important practice which can make or break a company’s reputation. Here are some tips on […]

What You Really Need to Know about GDPR

Chances are that you have heard the term ‘GDPR’ at least being spoken about in hushed tones in the office kitchen or read snippets of news about it whilst browsing online. It’s true that many people are still not aware of what GDPR actually is and what it will mean for their business in 2018. […]