Card Machines for Small Businesses

Card machines for small businesses are now a necessity to increase turnover in this digital age. With fewer customers carrying cash, accepting card payments is becoming more common for small business owners wanting to capitalise on higher transaction values and impulse purchases.

A recent study showed that accepting cards increased turnover of some businesses by up to 30%. That alone should show the benefits.

We aren’t simply a supplier of card machines for small businesses. We want to help our customers increase turnover, and in turn their profits.

Accept debit & credit card payments with ease

We offer all our small businesses an affordable solution to accepting card payments. Not only is affordability a reason so many small businesses use our card machines, but also the flexibility in our approach. We aim to find the best card payment solution for your business needs.

At Chip & Pin, we offer card machines in a range of formats. We even try to best suit the unique needs of your business. Our card machines include:

What card machine should i pick for my business?

To find out what is the best card machine for you business, check out our article here where we try to breakdown the pros and cons of each.

Those businesses that rely upon us across the country range from market traders, boutiques, taxi firms, convenience stores, cafes and hairdressers to name but a few. No matter what your market sector or product offering, we’re able to install card machines for small businesses of all varieties.

If you want to increase turnover, capitalise on impulse purchases and provide your customers with a fast and convenient way to pay, call us today or apply online to receive your free quote.

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