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Chip & PIN Solutions announces the appointment of Ingigerður Guðmundsdóttir as Managing Director

The Valitor company continues its commitment to bring deep expertise and diversity to the payments industry. Chip & PIN Solutions (CPS), the point of sale card payment company that helps over 8,000 UK small businesses manage their payment needs, today announces that its Operations Director Ingigerður (Inga) Gudmundsdottir becomes Managing Director. Inga moved to the […]

What is a POS system, and why is it important to your business?

A POS (point-of-sale) system is the terminal where the direct transactions between a business and its customers take place. The point-of-sale systems of today are a direct descendant of the manual creations of old – think back several decades, before the advent of Chip & PIN and Contactless, to the clanking, obsolete tills, with their […]

5 tips to help you succeed with a seasonal business

Running a seasonal business can be fun and flexible but you only have a short time to make a profit. Issues with cash flow and expenses can quickly mount up and successfully leveraging the off-season can be critical in making your business an ongoing success. 1. Start an off-season venture Starting an off-season venture is […]

5 ways to encourage customers to make more online purchases

The world of eCommerce can be an incredibly competitive place. While modern technology enables websites to be created almost seamlessly, the task of attracting and retaining customers can prove tricky without placing yourself in the shoes of your prospects and asking, “What would encourage me to make a purchase?” In this article, we’ll look at […]

5 simple debt management tips to get your business back on track

If you’re a small business struggling with debt it is possible to get back on track. Don’t be one of the 50% of small businesses that close down for good within 5 years – use these five simple tips to take control and start turning your debt around. 1. Revisit your budget Only 40% of […]

6 trends for retailers to watch out for

The retail world is changing thanks to modern technologies and new, exciting procedures. In order for businesses to stay ahead of the game it is important to recognise what the future will hold. Here are some of the most significant trends that we are likely to see within retail in the coming months: 1. Contactless […]

Why marketing is so important for your small business 

A solid, consistent and effective marketing strategy is vital to the success of any fledgling business. From social media to video advertising to consistent branding, there are many different elements to consider when dreaming up an effective, multi-channel marketing strategy. The following points and tips are designed to help you understand why marketing is so […]