Chip and PIN Card Reader

Our Chip and PIN Card reader allows a business to accept card payments from customers at the point of sale. Accepting credit cards from all the major credit card suppliers ensures you are offering your customers an easy and convenient way to pay for goods or services.

The Chip and PIN card reader works in conjunction with a card processing account which is commonly referred to as a Merchant Account. This credit card processing account authorises the payment by instantly checking if funds are available in the customers account. Once the transaction is approved, the funds are transferred to the business bank account typically within 3 working days.

Our mobile card readers can be used virtually anywhere, utilising GSM and GPRS mobile connectivity to carry out a secure card transaction. These card readers tend to be used by mobile trades such as plumbers, market traders and event companies.

We also supply portable and Wi-Fi credit card readers. These are perfect for restaurants and cafés as the card reader can be taken directly to the customer at the table as they communicate via an internet connection to either the base unit on a portable card reader or via a wireless router on the WiFi card reader.

The fixed countertop card reader is Chip & PIN Solutions’ preferred card machine for shops. This simply sit on the countertop next to your till, connecting by wire to an internet connection or telephone line.

All our payment terminals are available with contactless card reader functionality which has become the preferred method of payment for many customers when carrying out card transactions up to the value of £30.00.

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Chip and PIN Card Reader