Their customer service is a model for other companies. - Banking & Controls - The AA

In addition to being the UK’s largest provider of breakdown cover, The AA now offer a wide range of market-leading services, including roadside windscreen replacement. With over 200 fitters across the country, they needed a large number of fully mobile terminals that were not only user-friendly but also equipped with unique software that could capture vital customer information – instantly. They turned to Chip & PIN Solutions, and as The AA’s Manager of Banking and Control explains, they’re delighted they did.

‘When we approached Chip & PIN Solutions, we knew such software was available but it was an aspiration for us; he explains, ‘we worked with them to develop it, but it’s Chip & PIN Solutions who should take the credit.’

The customised software package ensures that important data is captured via the terminal and swiftly relayed to The AA’s finance department.  With everything posted electronically, information can be viewed at Head Office quickly and easily. ‘This doesn’t just save us time, it also reduces our exposure to bad debt’ – something that’s particularly valuable in today’s economic climate.

The AA’s mobile terminals are ‘mission critical’, which means they need to work effectively 100% of the time. Still, with 200 devices across the UK, rolling-out the ‘log a job’ software was quite a task. ‘Chip & PIN Solutions couldn’t be everywhere, so they trained us to deploy the software ourselves, they were always on hand when we needed support – and prepared to be patient when we were being daft.’

The AA’s key contact at Chip & PIN Solutions, Robert Murphy is described by The AA, as ‘an absolute star’.  Robert however, is keen to point out that it’s the quality of our entire technical support team and our service across the board that really sets Chip & PIN Solutions apart.


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