The terminal provides the flexibility customers expect - Chips Away

ChipsAway is the UK’s leading car body minor repair specialist, with a rapidly expanding network of franchisees serving customers in their own homes and at the roadside.

The Company’s reputation for quality and value for money is mirrored in our own approach to business.  When their mobile payment system needed an overhaul, they found Chip & PIN Solutions offering the most persuasive.

When we first met ChipsAway, their mobile payments system relied on using mobile phones. This caused their franchisees a number of frustrations; slow transaction times, lack of security and an inability to provide their customers with receipts, however the company still wanted tangible proof that our mobile terminals could enhance their business.

As a first step, we provided ChipsAway with a fully functioning mobile terminal on a trial basis. It proved so successful, that we have been contracted to roll them out across their entire franchisee network – around 350 terminals in total.

Martin Hughes, a franchisee based in Thanet, Kent, has been with ChipsAway for six and a half years – and he has noticed some real advantages since getting his Chip & PIN Solutions’ terminal around six months ago. ‘It gives customers more options about how to pay’ says Martin, ‘for example, if they want to spread the cost they can use their credit card and pay it off as it suits them’. Plus of course, the terminal provides the flexibility some customers need – and others expect.

While Martin has quite a few elderly clients who still prefer to pay be cash and cheque, there are always a few people who expect to be able to use their plastic. ‘People are getting used to them being in restaurants’ says Martin, adding; ‘I’ve had no problems at all with mine, and neither have my customers.’

For a company like ChipsAway that champions the value of convenience, a reliable mobile payments system is crucial. Choosing one that’s also quick, secure, and user- friendly demonstrates their commitment to excellent service – and at Chip & PIN Solutions, we’re behind them all the way.

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