Dominos Pizza is recognised as the world’s leading pizza delivery company. In the UK and Ireland the company now has over 500 outlets – which are owned and run by franchisees. The Company’s mission is simple, but effective – to be the best pizza delivery company in the world.

Running a successful Domino’s outlet is an enormously rewarding experience for franchisees. But as any successful operator knows, running your own business is hard work – presenting the entrepreneur with many day to day challenges to overcome to ensure their business continues to run smoothly and profitably.

The key to the success of Domino’s lays in the proven operational and marketing systems that the business has developed over the years and in the careful selection of external service providers – particularly in critical areas such as payment transactions.

The Domino’s franchise in Worthing, West Sussex, is a highly successful outlet that has been established for six years. Like many outlets, Domino’s Worthing has fallen victim to chargebacks, where customers subsequently claim no knowledge of a purchase to their credit or debit card when they receive their monthly statements.

Mike, franchisee of the Worthing store, was determined to find a solution that could help fellow franchisees significantly reduce their losses in this area. Mike conducted a comprehensive review of the UK Chip and PIN marketplace to find a suitable supplier. It was essential that the supplier had the resources and service offering that could meet the needs and demands of Domino’s and provide a secure, reliable service.

Mike identified leading UK specialists Chip & PIN Solutions Ltd as an ideal partner and quickly set about working with them to run a test in his Worthing store. Domino’s Worthing was supplied with eight state of the art, completely mobile Chip and PIN terminals and each staff member received a one to one training session. The terminals are as easy to use as a mobile phone and the delivery teams were soon out on the road using them with customers.

The results have been impressive. Not only has it dramatically reduced chargebacks but it has also improved customer satisfaction as many people appreciate having the option of paying by card on their doorstep.


Dominos Pizza Card Terminals