Trafalgar Tours is one of the most trusted and successful providers of guided tour holidays, with an enviable reputation for sharing the hidden places and authentic cultural experiences often overlooked in guidebooks. Customers praise their ‘capable hands’ and ‘excellent value’. So perhaps it’s not surprising that when they needed support in the Euro-zone, Trafalgar Tours found the ideal partner in Chip & PIN Solutions.

The very nature of coach touring holidays means that many transactions must take place ‘on the road’. For example, some trips and experiences are ‘optional extras’ within a tour itinerary and for ease of budgeting and convenience, many holidaymakers want to make their card payments in Euros. Trafalgar Tours’ trips to mainland Europe are especially popular and they found they had a growing need for fully-mobile terminals able to process transactions in Euros rather than Sterling. That’s why they turned to us.

We developed a unique software solution and after careful testing rolled out over 600 fully mobile Chip and PIN terminals, capable of processing transactions in Euros – quickly and accurately. For travellers, using this simple device will undoubtedly pass unnoticed. But for Trafalgar Tours, which has a remarkable 98% satisfaction rating and impressive re-booking rates, everything they can do to minimise stress or hassle on behalf of their customers is significant.


Trafalgar Tours Card Machines