Positive review from WeightWatchers

Each week, WeightWatchers leaders hold over 6,000 meetings across the UK, helping thousands of people to succeed with their weight loss plans. With such a diverse and far-reaching network at the core of the business, WeightWatchers needs to be certain that the payment technology it provides for its members is effective, user-friendly and above all, backed up by first class support.

‘I picked up the phone and was impressed with how quick and efficient they were’ explains the Service Innovation Manager for WeightWatchers: ‘We were pleased with the proposition on the table, and they put us in touch with an existing customer who confirmed they were an excellent choice.’

That’s why they turned to Chip & PIN Solutions to add hundreds of new terminals to the existing fleet – and they haven’t looked back since.

After WeightWatchers came on board, we set about preparing the terminals; downloading software, logging details with the bank and making intensive quality checks – before delivering fully secure mobile Chip & PIN terminals to WeightWatchers leaders across the country. We contacted each leader individually to arrange a convenient home delivery.

Along with the technology came a comprehensive package of support, including a dedicated WeightWatchers help line.  ‘WeightWatchers meetings are held seven days a week, from early morning to late evening, so knowing that our leaders have support when they need it is vital. This was a key consideration when choosing Chip & PIN Solutions.  The great news is that the terminals are so reliable that we rarely have to use this service.’
We also provided WeightWatchers with its own branded till rolls and point of sale signs, plus a straightforward pocket guide for users; helping to support the brand’s modern and accessible image.

Our overall package proved so persuasive that Weight Watchers decided to upgrade its entire existing fleet of terminals to Chip & PIN Solutions, to meet the same high standards. Again we achieved this in record time with the members benefiting from the seamless transition, the improved coverage and superior technology.

‘It was essential for us that this transition went smoothly, so we have been very happy with the exceptional customer service Chip & PIN Solutions have delivered.’

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