Euro Merchant Accounts

Euro Merchant accounts, commonly known as EuroMIDS can be set up by Chip & PIN Solutions FREE of charge.

A EuroMID allows a business to accept card payments in Euros in conjunction with our card terminals and can therefore be used across Europe.

In order to accept Euro’s, you will in the first instance require a UK based Euro Bank account.

Transactions you process will be taken in Euro’s and paid into your Euro Merchant Bank Account exactly the same as if you were accepting payments in sterling.

Chip & PIN Solutions provide EuroMIDS to a variety of businesses. Some examples of customers using the facility include businesses trading at Expo’s and fairs across Europe and businesses exporting into the Eurozone.

The most common reason for setting up a Euro Merchant Account is simply to enable trading abroad. Sometimes it can be difficult for consumers on the continent to work out exactly how much they are paying for goods in another currency. A EuroMID therefore allows the customer to know exactly what they are paying at the point of sale.

In addition the customer will not have to pay a premium on the purchase as a result of bank charges in exchanging Euros to Pounds Sterling.

If you would like to start accepting Euro payments via your Chip & PIN Terminal, contact us today to find out more. Call us FREE on 0800 8818104.

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Euro Merchant Account Benefits

  • Free account set-up
  • Multi-merchant bank provider
  • In-house merchant services department
  • Fully PCI DSS compliant
  • Funds transfer from 1 day
  • Super-fast account set-up
  • Most competitive rates in the industry
  • Online reporting tools
  • Visa, Mastercard & Amex approved
  • Ecommerce compatibility
  • Virtual terminals

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