Merchant Funding cash advance based on card takings of between £2,500 – £500,000

The Merchant Funding cash advance is linked to your businesses average monthly card turnover of your last 6 months trading.  The total amount repayable is fixed from the outset however you only need to pay back a pre-agreed percentage of your card turnover each month.  This means that if you have a slow month, you pay the same percentage as if you had a busy month, so you’ll never be in a position where you can’t pay the monthly repayment. Your business must accept at least £2,500 per month in card transactions to be eligible for this cash advance.

    • Funding between £2,500 – £500,000
    • Available in 24 hours
    • No security required
    • Payback as you earn
    • Auto approval up to £15,000
    • Super-fast application process
    • Quick & easy set-up
    • Fixed repayment sum with no APR

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For further information you can call us for FREE on 0800 881 8104 or Click Here to apply online. View our Merchant Funding Terms & Conditions Here.