Omni-Channel Payments

Omni-channel payments are an advanced and innovative technology. They allow businesses to accept payments in a variety of ways. Electronic payments grow more popular by the day. So offering customers the convenience of using their preferred payment method is more important than ever.

Offering a way to make payments via multiple channels will only ever lead to more custom. This in turn should lead to more repeat business and increased customer satisfaction.

Utilising modern advancements in electronic payment is not only helpful for your day-to-day operations, such as faster-moving queues and happier customers. It will also contribute to the perception that your brand is forward-thinking and adoptive of current technologies that improve services and benefit customers.

Omni-channel is more than online or in-person payments – it includes invoicing, recurring billing and mobile payments.

The Payment Channels Available

In payment processing, there are two main types of card acceptance. “Card-present,” when you physically run a card through a reader, and “card not present,” when you do not swipe the card. Within those two categories, there are multiple ways of accepting the payment, including:

  • Online shopping carts or “buy” buttons
  • Recurring / subscription billing
  • Physical invoicing or invoicing with links to secure payment forms (particularly B2B companies)
  • Keyed transactions (often used for phone or mail orders)
  • Card readers connected to smartphones
  • Countertop Chip and PIN machines or Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Contactless / NFC transactions like Apple Pay (particularly B2C companies)

Our Omni-Channel Payment Solution

We offer payment processing and management for every form of customer transaction. Instead of having a different processor for every payment method, we allow you the simplicity of keeping your payment processing for all channels in one place. This is done via our Omni-channel payment solution.

As well as managing your payment processes, we will handle your queries. Instead of speaking and dealing with multiple companies and their departments, you can speak to us about any payment channel for your business.

Omni-Channel Payment Implementation

We can set up a POS system of your choice with full Omni-channel functionality. This will allow you to take full advantage of accepting all payment methods. No longer see a payment channel disregarded and bringing in no value. Our omni-channel solution will ensure your revenue won’t be limited to certain channels only.

If you’re interested in acquiring one of our Omni-channel payment POS systems, or finding out more about them, get in contact with us today.

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