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Swift, secure payment gateway solution

Our payment gateway is template driven and seamlessly redirects cardholders to an externally hosted payment page. This allows your business to accept card payments online securely and efficiently via an existing website.

A payment page provides you with an online version of a card machine. This allows card payments to be processed and authorised. This simple system allows your customers to complete their card details on your existing website; after which these details get passed on to the card processor for authorisation via the payment page.

Security and service is at the heart of our business so you can depend on us for fast, secure and reliable payments. Our online payment systems utilise the most up to date technology for fast and secure online payments. With the latest payment processing technology we can ensure your payments are fast, secure and reliable.

The Process

  • Your customer selects the goods they wish to purchase from your website and enters their order and delivery details.
  • The customer’s credit card details are then captured securely.
  • Customers are then prompted to enter their Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code password on their card issuer’s page (optional).
  • The merchant bank sends the credit card details to your customer’s card issuer who authorises or declines the transaction.
  • Authorisation results are sent to you and your customer to confirm the results of the transaction.

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Payment Gateway Benefits

  • Free 24/7 UK-based telephone advice & support
  • Free advanced fraud screening tools
  • Free PayPal integration
  • Free personalised payment pages
  • Flexible payment processing options
  • Accept multiple currencies
  • Easy integration process
  • Live online management reporting
  • Real-time payment authorisation

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