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In partnership with Sharp, Chip & PIN Solutions have developed a Revolutionary NEW Mid-Range Cash Register with integrated card payment functionality which is the FIRST of its kind in Europe & The UK.

  • Fully Integrated Chip & PIN Card Machines
  • The UK’s Only Integrated Cash Register
  • Ideal For Retail & Hospitality
  • Works Straight Out Of The Box
  • Sophisticated Fully Customisable Features
  • Auto-key Pre-Programmed Quick Function
  • Table Management System
  • 4 Serial Ports For Peripheral Devices
  • Bright Multi-Line LCD Operator Display

Our cash registers can be fully integrated with our portable Chip & PIN machines ensuring fast and efficient payments are made at the point of sale within hospitality, leisure and retail businesses. The integrated features ensure there are no user errors when paying by card, tables can be managed with ease and customers can be served faster with quick auto-key functions.

The easy to use integrated cash registers are available in two models, both of which benefit from an SD card data storage slot which saves daily sales data, four serial ports for peripherals including barcode scanners, large 80 x 192 dot backlit LCD screens and quick key functions such as pre-set tender keys and end of day reporting.   The free PC programming tool allows the pre-set data and key functionality to be edited whenever an update is required.

Sharp ERA421 – Hospitality

The ERA421 is ideal for the hospitality sector and benefits from a pre-programmed splash and dust resistant keyboard with 117 programmable keys.  The cash register also has a table management system supporting up to 99 tables, with full tracking, itemised billing, promotional features, kitchen printers and auto key functions.

Sharp ERA411 – Retail

The ERA411 is perfect for retail as it benefits from a raised keyboard with 62 programmable keys and manual entry pricing.  The keys are fully configurable and can be tailored to suit most businesses with auto key functionality and either handheld or omni-directional barcode scanners as standard.

Our integrated cash registers are packaged to suit either Hospitality or Retail businesses however we can provide extra’s such as additional kitchen printers and handheld or omni-directional barcode scanners.

For more information on cash registers or to discuss your requirements, please call us FREE on 0800 881 8104 or Click Here to apply online.

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