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For Event Organisers

  • Add value to your exhibitors show experience
  • Improve event success and impulse purchases
  • Secure more exhibitors by offering mobile payments

Short-Term Hire Solutions

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Trading At An Event

  • Increase Revenue & Impulse Purchases
  • Preferential Short Term Hire Rates
  • Hire from as little as 3 days

Short-Term Hire Solutions

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Opening A Pop Up Business

  • Accept cards with no long term commitment
  • Hire from as little as 3 days or more
  • Connects to your existing merchant account

Short-Term Hire Solutions

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Busier Than Usual

  • Perfect for seasonal sales & promotions
  • Multiple terminal discounts available
  • Combat queues and retain customers

Short-Term Hire Solutions

Short Term Card Machine Rental

Sometimes you need to take your business elsewhere for a short period of time, to a show or event.

If you need to take card payments from customers at these events, or your trade is seasonal, you can rent one of our terminals for a short time.

If your business already accepts card payments and you’re familiar with debit and credit card machines, then our credit card machine rental is ideal for keeping your business going while away from your fixed address.

Short term card machine hire for special events

Even if you don’t have an established business, many people still need to provide flexible ways for their customers to pay for goods and services.

That’s why short term card machine hire is perfect for festivals and other music events, exhibitions, auctions and farmers’ markets.

Our service gives you the option of allowing your customers to pay with a card without you having to commit to a long term contract. You can hire a card machine from 3 days to 6 months, ideal if you’re setting up a short term retail business or pop-up shop.

They’re also useful for peak seasonal periods of demand, such as Christmas and Easter.

If you experience busy trading hours at various points of the year and you need a way to reduce those long queues, short term credit card machine rental offers a great way to keep your business running efficiently and with less stress.

Hassle free card machine hire

Even though you’ll only be hiring our terminals for a short time, we still ensure they are set up by the time they get to you so you can get to grips with the machines straight away.

Similar to our long term contracts and fixed location terminals, our short term rental machines are easy to use for you and your customers.

They have clear, easy to read buttons that are well spaced with a large digital display screen. They also have a contactless payment option.

The equipment also comes with a handy “How To” guide as well as a troubleshooting leaflet that answers common queries.

If your business is going on the road for a few days or you’re setting up an event, get in touch with our team for more details about our credit card machine hire. Our FREE phone number is 0800 881 8104 or you can contact us via our Online Form.

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