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Is Chip and Pin Essential For a Catering Business?

When you’re starting up a catering business, you have a huge number of things to consider. It’s easy to get lost in a world of health and safety certifications and hiring staff, forgetting to consider how you’ll accept payments. Once upon a time, this wasn’t really a problem, you simply set up a till and […]

Why Really Awesome Coffee Decided To Accept Card Payments

We would like to introduce you to one of our customers. Really Awesome Coffee. Really Awesome Coffee runs a network of franchised mobile coffee vans, serving thousands of customers across the UK, at large sporting, charity events and musical festivals. Really Awesome Coffee previously accepted card payments but due to the higher rates on a […]

Why accepting card payments has been a real treat for NMTF member Flapping Jacks

NMTF member, Flapping Jacks Yummy Veggie Treats is a mobile catering business offering high quality vegetarian and vegan food. Previously, Flapping Jacks did not accept card payments, however chose Chip & PIN Solutions, following a recommendation from the NMTF. Originally, Flapping Jacks only accepted cash payments; however with the growing expectations from customers requesting to […]