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Why marketing is so important for your small business 

A solid, consistent and effective marketing strategy is vital to the success of any fledgling business. From social media to video advertising to consistent branding, there are many different elements to consider when dreaming up an effective, multi-channel marketing strategy. The following points and tips are designed to help you understand why marketing is so […]

How SMEs can fight off cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are becoming an increasing problem for many businesses. Ransomware has proven to be one of the most significant threats. In 2017, there was a 91% increase in ransomware attack attempts. The 2017 NHS attack caused mass disruption for many patients. If a government institution like the NHS can be affected by cyber criminal […]

How SMEs can stand out from the crowd

From quirky coffee shops and unique clothing brands to mobile vegan food trucks, it’s amazing to see new businesses opening and offering their customers something totally unique. With the rise of the independent business looking to continue, it’s important that your SME stands out from the crowd. Whether you do this through fun marketing campaigns, […]

Is Chip and Pin Essential For a Catering Business?

When you’re starting up a catering business, you have a huge number of things to consider. It’s easy to get lost in a world of health and safety certifications and hiring staff, forgetting to consider how you’ll accept payments. Once upon a time, this wasn’t really a problem, you simply set up a till and […]

Merchant Funding’s NEW Collaboration With Alternative Business Funding

Merchant Funding is pleased to announce that we are now working in collaboration with Alternative Business Funding. Alternative Business Funding is an online portal designed to offer SMEs a free and easy way to find a suitable funding company. The portal offers a variety of funding choices to SMEs from short to long-term loans, equity […]